Lifestyle Inspired

Bring all the activities you love doing within your home out into the beauty of nature with our stunning outdoor collection. Durable, comfortable, and stylish—our furnishings will transform your outside space into an inviting oasis perfect for dining, lounging, and entertaining.

Performance Driven

Beautifully designed with performance in mind so you can live your lifestyle outdoors worry-free.

Sustainably Designed

Sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging make our outdoor collection something you can feel good about.

Serving & Warming

Problem Solving Design

Flexsteel teamed up with the talented designers Nils Koehn and Felix Götze from Intransit Design to bring you the dream outdoor space you've always wanted. Using innovative and sustainable materials, our new collection offers the beauty, comfort, and durability you expect from Flexsteel. Our range of weather-resistant furnishings and accessories makes your outdoor area a cozy spot for dining, lounging, and chatting. With modern to transitional styles and customizable modular options, you can now extend your home's comfort outdoors and enjoy your lifestyle in the open air.