Dining Chair, Branch Style

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Sofa Table Hickory furniture became popular in the late 1800’s. Its unique character drew admiration from people all over the country. The style quickly became a must-have addition to popular resorts across the West. Because of the strength and durability of the wood and construction methods, it is not uncommon to see hickory furniture that is 100 years old or more in great working condition even in highly trafficked commercial environments like National Parks. Today, Hickory Furniture in Anderson, IN builds its furniture in the same tradition. Every step in their process is performed with the same care and commitment to quality that has produced iconic furniture so many people have cherished throughout American history. A quote from Hickory Furniture While our styles evolve and remain appealing to contemporary buyers, our commitment to preserving the artistry and craftsmanship of the hickory furniture tradition remains as solid as the furniture we build. We hope you’ll enjoy our products for generations. We’ll certainly keep building them to live up to that expectation. Proudly Made In The USA in Anderson, Indiana THE HICKORY FURNITURE BUILDING PROCESSES DATE BACK TO THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. Steaming, boiling, and bending are not terms you hear in furniture manufacturing very often. At Hickory Furniture, these are normal, everyday activities.

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17.0W x D x H

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