Alder 6 Drawer Dresser

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The Alder 6-Drawer dresser has clean lines, dynamic black-and-brown contrast and charming Adirondack styling in its diamond-shaped inset birchbark panels. With blue painted sides where overlapping diamonds are trimmed in bark-on branches, this is a piece with rustic style to spare. Located in a land of lakes and forests in northwestern Wisconsin, Wildwoods Manufacturing uses time-honored skills to create elegant rustic furniture, custom casework, paneling and unique projects. Each Wildwoods piece is built one at a time and blends handmade detailing, timeless appeal and distinctive features with exceptional finishing. Each is built to last for generations. It all starts with wood. The region’s short growing season and cold winter temperatures produce hardwoods that are sought after from around the world. Wildwoods also has an extensive collection of rescued woods reclaimed from pre-1900 barns, grain bins and factories, which add an authentic element of history to any project and help conserve our forests. Unique innovations include Wildwoods’ patented printing-on-wood technique; this allows almost any photograph, logo or design to be reproduced on a tabletop, barstool back or other wood surfaces. The artisans at Wildwoods enjoys working with homeowners, builders and designers to create custom projects.From urban rustic to lakeside cabin, Wildwoods designs are the product of Old World techniques married to modern innovation. Each piece is one of perfect imperfection.


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